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Busy Mums I could be the Last Weight Loss Coach You’ll Ever Need

At Last!…The Non Confusing, Easy to Follow Solution That Will Give You Maximum Confidence in Your Body Shape Along With Endless Amounts Of Energy to Keep You Firing On All Cylinders All Day

If you still find yourself stuck hopping from one diet to the next and feel frustrated with falling off the wagon, but don't have too much time to spare then this could be exactly what you've been searching for

No Matter How Busy You ‘Think’ You Are, I’m going to show you that it is possible to lose weight and build a healthy lifestyle without giving your life up to it.

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weight loss

Not enough hours in the day to fit everything in.Trying to juggle your already crammed work schedule and then trying to spend what time you've got left with your family. And maybe…just maybe, if you've got the energy left after the busy day, you'll try and fit in some time for yourself.

weight loss

Maybe you feel frustrated by what you see in the mirror each morning.You want to feel the confidence in your curves when you're out in public wearing your brand new dress that shows off your figure rather than hiding it away.

weight loss

Jumping from diet to diet because you've heard it’s the next best thing But once it doesn't work for you, you're on to the next one: it’s like a vicious cycle.

weight loss

The Time to Fit it All In!

Everyone is pulling you in all sorts of directions to try ‘this plan or that diet.’ In fact, maybe you've tried quite a few yourself, only to be disappointed by the results they promised. Starving yourself silly of all your favourite foods and after 4 weeks you’re back to where you started looking for a new solution.

And trust me…. you aren't alone because I've helped hundreds of women who feel the same. Confused about what the next best diet or exercise program is to follow and more importantly…have the time to fit it all in!

That’s why, I've spent the last three years helping women just like you from all over the UK who really feel stranded when it comes to finding a simple solution they can actually fit into their already busy lifestyle.

Why Should You Work With Me?

  • I will show you how to increase your energy levels throughout your day - from the minute you wake up, all the way through your day, until your head hits your pillow at night. You'll get home in the evenings and still have enough energy left to spend quality time with your family and exercise too.
  • I will help you achieve realistic results. Gone are the times of being promised things that seem too far out of reach from where you're at right now. I make it EASY for you to WIN. In fact, the program will walk you through, step by step exactly what you need to be doing to sculpt your dream body, drop excessive unwanted weight and develop a tight toned figure.
  • Simple and easy to implement program that makes it easy to fit around your daily lifestyle.
  • I understand life is to be enjoyed to its fullest. That’s why I give you a tailored for you nutrition plan that’s easy to follow and isn't restrictive in any way, shape or form. Yes…. that does mean you can still enjoy meals out with a cheeky glass of your favourite wine…white, rose or red, it’s all up to you!
  • Break free from the constant dieting cycles that haven't worked for you (and never will). This is your last stop when it comes to looking for a diet and exercise program.

So My Question to You

How much longer can you go on living on this roller coaster ride of feeling like you do?
If there was a solution, the LAST ever program you would have to follow to create yourself a healthy lifestyle, would you take it?

The Mind & Body Movement has been created with YOU in mind.

Your complete solution to fitting exercise and a healthy lifestyle into your already busy schedule. It doesn’t matter how busy you are. I’ll show you how you CAN win!

You’ll have energy all day every day. Forget about those midafternoon energy crashes and propping yourself up on endless amounts of coffee. Getting home with nothing left in the tank.

weight loss

The reason I had not signed up with a coach before was that others didn’t really seem to bother.Tim understood I have health restrictions – and found ways around them.

My balance improved so much and I’ve not had the horrid back spasms for years – thank you!!!

I started toning up quickly. I would definitely recommend Tim as a coach he made me feel that I can do anything – and you showed me how to

He took the time to understand ME and my stupid health issues and built the coaching around that.”


Originally I was worried coaching was more for people who were super fit rather than me just starting out and looking to get in shape.

The results of coaching were weight loss, I toned up and definitely improved my fitness levels! It was fun and I enjoyed exercise. My second bum (the roll of fat under my actual bum) disappeared.

Tim has a way of making people feel at ease, even doing things out of my comfort zone and things I was terrible at, I never felt silly


Initially I didn't think coaching was for me. However, when I took the plunge I lost over a stone in weight and toned up but the best thing was learning to use the free weights as it was completely new to me, I was used to classes and only ventured into the actual gym occasionally.

Tim is so easy going but really did push me to do better and train harder. He made training fun (as it can be) and I never felt intimidated which I think was my biggest concern.

I gained confidence in trying new things in the gym. Trained differently it's not all cardio in fact "that's just the cherry on the top". I felt so much better exercising regularly. I wanted to lose weight but that's not the only reason I signed up. It made me feel much less stressed.

I would definitely recommend Tim he was really patient with me when I decided that I couldn't do anything at first, he listened to my winging and just told me to get on with it.


If I didn’t feel that the coach understood me and how to adapt a programme that I enjoyed and could commit to I wouldn’t of started training. I felt more energetic, I had suffered from headaches and these virtually stopped, I felt more toned, slept better. Overall I felt healthier. Tim knew how much to push me and when not to. You quickly found exercise / workouts that I enjoyed. You gave advice on nutrition and just generally took an interest in my progression.

I found something at the gym I liked. I had, like many people joined several gyms in the past and stayed for 2-3 months before getting bored. Tim was the first coach to spend some time to understand what I would enjoy.

That’s the second thing – I really enjoyed it, I thought I would feel better if I stuck at it but didn’t expect that headaches would go which was a bonus. I found that I ate a healthier diet – thanks to nutritional advice.

I would absolutely recommend Tim as a coach. He took the time to find something that was right for me rather than just show me how to use pieces of equipment.


I originally didn’t think I had the time and commitment to train properly. However, when I got started my running improved and I had an increase in core strength.

Tim motivated me well in the sessions but recognised when I was tired – you were good at adapting a planned session to suit how I was feeling on the day. I felt comfortable talking about anything I was struggling with in my training.

Great nutritional advice, completing my fitness pal, which you could view, made me think more carefully about what I was eating.

I had confidence in using equipment in the gym, which I’d avoided before.I’d absolutely recommend Tim as a coach. Your method of working with me was specific to what I needed at the time and had a holistic approach which incorporated training and nutrition. I always felt motivated in the sessions and looked forward to attending them.


I was originally put off hiring a coach thinking I was going to get shouted at to do certain exercises that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable with.

I worked with Tim before my wedding so wanted to be in good shape for then. I feel that I did achieve this, and managed to drop a dress size. I also worked with weights and learned to love them, I definitely realised the benefits.

Each session was fun, we had a good laugh but still worked hard. Tim always pushed me, but in a nice way!

I would recommend Tim. You will achieve the results you want, as long as you follow what he tells you. He is personable and great to get along with, which you definitely need in a coach.


My results from having Tim as my coach were weight loss, toning, and better knowledge of training. He was motivating and pushed me to my limits. I would recommend Tim as a coach as he is supportive, motivational and encouraging.



I am confident you will achieve your planned results, however if you follow the complete programme and do not achieve those results, I will refund your investment in full.

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Grab Yourself a copy of the Free "Lean Body Secrets”.

How to lose your first 5lbs, even if you love eating all the food....Discover my easy cheats that can banish bingo wings and ugly belly fat without counting points or drinking horrible shakes

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Discover my 5 Easy cheats that can banish bingo wings and ugly belly fat without counting points or drinking horrible shakes